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Sewage pumping station in Farnham, UK

Sewer pumping stations are used in domestic and commercial properties where the main sewer or septic tank and higher than the property. The pumping station moves the wastewater/sewage to higher elevations in order to allow transport by gravity flow. The waste water/sewage drains to a sealed underground chamber often called a "wet well". When the level reaches a certain point it is pumped to a gravity manhole where it can drain naturally to the mains sewer or a septic tank / cesspit.


If the situation of the property makes it impossible for sewage to flow by gravity or the cost of groundworks exceeds the cost of a pumping station then consideration should be given to installing a sewer pumping station. They are also used if a sewer line passes over a ridge or if a property has basement floors with waste plumbing.


Sewage pumping stations are a significant investment and can cause problems if not correctly installed and maintained. All Surrey Drains are experts in sewage pumping station installation, maintenance and repair. We have many years of experience in all aspects of drainage from surveys through to installation and maintenance in Surrey and the surrounding areas


Key benefits of a sewage pumping station

  The only solution when property is too low to allow sewage to flow by gravity
  Pump intakes can be wide to prevent blocking
  Sewage is pumped automatically
  Sewage pumping systems are fitted with alarms to alert you to problems